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My Projects

This section lists some of the projects I have done in my life. I did not include those freelance projects as the owners may not want me to do so.

Date:Apr, 2011 團購大全 團購大全,將各大團購網站的團購資料集合於一身,為您集合全城至抵至 hit 團購優惠,讓您不用再四處找團購。
Date:Oct, 2008
Name:CityU Web Hacker Dogs Cats
Description:An Excellent Award winning web site created for the 2008 Extreme Web Designer Award contest hold by the Department of Computer Science of City University of Hong Kong.
Date:May, 2008
Name:TYIVE Student Handbook
Description:A group assignment of the final year of my High Dip. Everything inside is AJAX powered. Demo username and password are both admin.
Date:Feb 15, 2008
Description:DeeperAdmin allows you to utilize some features that already exist in DirectAdmin but without a user-friendly interface. This plugin gives you the ability to manage your server "deeper".
Date:Aug, 2007
Name:Lotus Notes Email Attachment Assistant
Description:A file sharing system written for the staff in the Transport Department during a summer internship period.
Date:Jul 03, 2007
Name:IP Deny Manager
Description:A DirectAdmin plugin that allows you to prevent an IP address, domain name, or block of IP addresses from accessing your web site. You may also use IDM for anti-hotlinking.
Name:Pizzahut E-Documentation System
Description:A distinct project of my High Dip. (Year 2). Main features include file sharing with version control, project management with Gantt Chart display, and a WYSIWYG E-Form generator. Username: admin, Password: P@ssw0rd
Date:Oct 29, 2006
Name:Rails in DA
Description:A DirectAdmin plugin that allows you to manage your Ruby on Rails applications in a comfort and secure environment.
Date:Aug, 2006
Description:A Bash script to install Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Ruby...etc. automatically.
Date:23 Aug, 2006
Description:An Apache Tomcat Manager plugin for DirectAdmin.
Date:2 Aug, 2006
Description:A DirectAdmin plugin that allows you to list installed PEAR packages.
Date:15 Jan, 2005
Description:A server monitoring system that notifies users for server failure via email and SMS. Uptime report in text or graphical format is available online and can be downloaded in a variety of file formats.